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Cotton Soeterboek Band - Twisted

Label: CAF Fine Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Todd Knowlden
As I never heard of this band [the Cotton Soeterboek Band.. ??] before, I really didn’t know what to expect from its odd name. The cover art work didn’t lend any clues to what was forthcoming as I pressed play and began my ear opening experience.
What I encountered was a revival of great 70’s rock n roll with a southern twist made for today!! From the first note of ‘Set Me Free’ (which is WOW..very Deep Purple with that opening guitar riff and accompanying keyboard) till the last note on ‘The Game’ I was captivated. With hard rock/bluesy guitar riffs provided by founding member Alan Cotton and the expressive piano/organ, to the dead on beats and rhythmic bass immediately you are drawn in to Soeterboek’s world. But what brings this all together is the classic 70’s, raw blues, smooth but soulful voice of Robert Soeterboek.

The collection of songs on this disc are well arranged and produced with Track 2 ‘Pretty Maureen’ being a perfect example of what this band embodies. A simple keyboard based melody line and guitar lick keeps the song hooky and a foot tapper. “Colorado” brings back that familiar Deep Purple Hammond organ with my favorite being “Leave Me Blue. It is soulful and bluesy as you can feel the emotion in Robert’s words. “Cold and Grey” you would swear came off a Whitesnake cd from the early 80s.

Best thing I can say about this cd is if you are a fan of Whitesnake [and I surely am especially of the stuff from 1980 - 84] and Deep Purple go get this cd. I love it and you will too!!!
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