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House of Lords – Come To My Kingdom

Label: Blistering Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Of all the 80’s hard rock/metal bands that have reformed in recent years, House of Lords are one of the few who can still release albums of new music that captures their original sound and lives up to their past. In 2006 House of Lords released “World Upside Down” (click here to see my review) with James Christian (vocals, keyboards) the only original member left (Greg Giuffria is no longer involved with the band) joined by new guitarist Jimmi Bell and drummer B.J. Zampa. A live album “Live in the UK” was released in January 2007.
“Come to My Kingdom” sees James retaining his lineup from “World Upside Down” with the inclusion of new bass player Chris Mccarville for another album of great melodic based hard rock fans (like myself) will surely enjoy. With “Purgatorio Overture No.2”, some fast guitar licks and classically based keyboards show the house where the lords make music will contain both edge and melody. The title track, “In A Perfect World”, “One Foot in the Dark”, all grounded in a rockin riff and the song’s backbone. “I Need To Fly”, “I Believe”, and “Another Day from Heaven” are classic Lords complete with a keyboard and melody line base all ready for radio. James’ voice has aged well and sounds as it did twenty years ago on those classic albums “House of Lords”, “Sahara” and “Demons Down”. I really wish these guys were bigger back in the day and hope they will get rediscovered now. “The Dream” is a top shelf ballad with an inspiring melody line and a chorus that’s hook is big enough to bring Godzilla to his reptilian knees.

House of Lords have done it again and I’m glad James has decided to carry on the name regardless of former band mate/collaborator Greg Giuffria’s departure. I’m lookin forward to the next album.
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