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Pharaoh – Be Gone

Label: Cruz Del Sur/The End Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba
After enjoying 2006’s “The Longest Night” quite a bit I was very much looking forward to the release of ‘Be Gone’, the third album from Philadelphia based power metallers Pharaoh. As I popped this into the CD player there was a great deal of momentum building for me as I had hopes that Pharaoh were about to unleash a classic on the metal world and make their mark. As things got rolling I could not help but think of the classic Iron Maiden song “Déjà vu” from the “Somewhere In Time” album as I kept hearing Bruce Dickinson sing in my head, “Feels like I’ve been here before, feels like I’ve been here before”.
Sadly, this album falls very short of my expectations as “Be Gone” lacks a creative spark and does not bring anything new or innovative to the table. I have either heard the majority of what is presented here on their first two albums or from other U.S. power metal bands who have a similar style like Manilla Road or Jag Panzer. The only track I care to point out that stands out from the rest is “Telepath” which has some very aggressive and thrashy moments. This approach blended in with their classic power metal sound works well and gives the band more of an edge. Perhaps if the band utilized this style more I would have been a happier camper. While this album did not quite do it for me there is always next time. I am still a fan, especially of Tim Aymar’s unique voice and very much look forward to hearing what this band puts out next.
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