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Vader – XXV

Label: Regain Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Pendragon

“XXV” contains twenty six re recorded crushing classics (with three extra tracks found on two other editions) by Polish Death Metal veterans Vader. Disc 1 starts at the beginning of the band’s career (after intro “inVaders”) in 1990 with “Chaos” from the “Morbid Reich” demo tape. Punishment continues on this excellent clear and crushing production with “Vicious Circle” the very first Vader track ever released internationally on the "Monsters of Death" compilation released by Earache Records. “Crucified Ones” grooves with a consistent drum beat and riffing pattern that is relentless and crushing without missing the inclusion of some needed variety in tempo. “Dark Age” is the opener on the debut album "The Ultimate Incantation" and also the first video clip played on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.
“Silent Empire” opened their second album "De Profundis" with “Reign-Carrion” (an old track (titled "Trupi Jad") now remade) before 1988 Vader had another singer "Czarny" when the band composed all songs in Polish, features some well placed accenting keys for good measure and was the first song translated into English.

“Kingdom” opens Disc 2 and probably the band’s first real slow song coming off the album of the same title in 1998. With nicely toned keyboards following the slow paced riffs the track chugs along battering the listener with hammer in hand. There was also a video clip recorded during one of Vader's shows in the Krzemionki TV studio in Krakow. The whole performance was released on the first official VHS "Vision & Voice" (later on DVD). “Xeper”, one of "Litany"'s hits from 2000, inspired by the mysticism of Ancient Aegypt and the Cult of Holy Scarab embraces an outstanding groove created by both the drums and riffing pattern that rolls like an army tank on its way to war. “Dark Transmission” comes from 2004’s “The Beast” an album which included more melody amongst the death metal ferocity. “Fear of Napalm” is one of their more extreme over the top arrangements with blast beats and a guttural vocal delivery.
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