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Kataklysm – Prevail

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: The Goat
I think it would be fair to say that most in the metal world have heard of Kataklysm. They are most commonly associated with the “Northern Hyperblast” sound. This title was appropriate at the time because there were few bands that could match the legendary intensity that Kataklysm was synonymous for. These Canucks had very few rivals, blastbeats were few and far between. This was when I was moderately familiar with them. So, where does Kataklysm stand now?
“Prevail” is the Canucks' 11th album. It seems to me that Kataklysm's time has come. They've been around since the early Nineties and this longevity is demonstrated by how cohesive a sound they have. While many a metalhead will not be too impressed by this album, it will definitely appeal to their fans. Hmmm, okay, they may gain one or two newbies but I think most metalheads will not be enthralled.

This is not to say that Kataklysm is a bad band by any means, but that it is very competitive field of metal play out there at the moment. For a band to truly be noticed, one has got to do what no one has heard before and more often than not, metalheads have heard it all before. So, unfortunately, Kataklysm does not stand out. Part of this is due to the fact that they are an established entity and really don't need to prove anything. From my recollection, they consistently put out albums that keep the same pattern (with possibly one exception) and don't divert from form too greatly. This is their strength.

So, “Prevail” is a metal album, through and through. There are no ballads, no nu-metal attempts, no experimentation with industrial noise, no proggy silliness that is something of a trend now, and no nonsense. “Prevail” has the gravelly demonic vocals. It has the alternating “hyperblast” songs with the midpaced stomps. While it may not catch the attention of too many new ears, “Prevail” will keep the fans happy. I, for one, am glad to hear a straight metal album like “Prevail.”
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