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Ted Nugent – Sweden Rocks

Label: Eagle Rock Ent.
Format: CD / DVD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
“Sweden Rocks” sees Ted Nugent in front of thousands of international hard rock fans, and Swedes, at one of the largest European festivals, Sweden Rock. Ted, the guitar, bow/gun slinging madman (as you can see in the bonus features), also handles lead vocals and is joined by Dokken bassist Barry Sparks and Mick Brown on the drums.

As expected, the setlist includes many classics from the 70’s like “Stranglehold” and “Snakeskin Cowboys” from the 1975 debut, the title track to “Free For All” and “Dog Eat Dog”, “Wan Dang Sweet Poontang” and the hit title track to “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Wango Tango” from 1980’s “Scream Dream”, to "Klstrphnky" from 2002’s “Craveman” album and “Still Raising Hell” from 07’s “Love Grenade”.

Ted delivers loud rousing guitar riffs with an equally boisterous voice speaking his mind (as the American flag serves as their backdrop), joking around having fun with his banter in between songs. He also pays tribute to our soldiers for “Raw Dogs and War Hogs”. Really this is Ted’s show and its all about him whether he is screwing around or taking a political stance.

The live footage is very good, pro shot with a sharp picture. My only issue is with the accompanying cd which has very little bottom end and sounds very thin.

Bonus features also includes performances of “Journey To The Center Of Your Mind” from when he was with The Amboy Dukes, “Weekend Warriors”, and the title track to “Love Grenade” with interviews from the “Love Grenade” recording sessions

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