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Desaster - 666 Satan's Soldiers Syndicate

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Desaster had its start in 1988 after two young metal maniacs decided to follow the path begun by bands such as Venom, Sodom and Destruction (whose song “Total Desaster” gave the band its name). The goal, to play pure, unadulterated black metal and by the sound of the title track here, Desaster are staying true to their word. Though, Black Metal which differs from those birthed in the 90’s like the poorly produced earlier recordings of Mayhem, Darthrone, Burzum, to Immortal and Behemoth, to the ones who became more orchestrated like Dimmu Borgir.

Over the course of ten tracks on their sixth release, Desaster do a very good job of playing an old school form of black metal with healthy doses of death metal’s meatiness. “Angel Extermination” showcases the band’s attention to strong riffs, rhythm and tempo changes to prevent a flat line effect. The voice is deathly violent yet one where you can understand the words, for the most part. A focus on the chorus is usually achieved. I like this. Remember the band Possessed from the 80s? Well that’s who I thought about while listening. And early Slayer immediately came to mind (something no doubt from “Show No Mercy”) when I heard the riffing and stead fast drum beat to “Razor Ritual”. “Headbangers” is nicely catchy in a black metal way. I know Black Metal really isn’t catchy but this chorus is for the rivethead in you. Now since this is more 80’s inspired Black/Thrash Metal, slower tempos are to be found in a song like “Tyrannizer” and sonically the mix is very good with plenty of room for all the musicians to be heard. Blast beats are really not a part of Desaster or this form.

Desaster are good at what they do and “666 Satan's Soldiers Syndicate” is a more than fine example of how to play this classic sound well.

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