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Lion’s Share – Emotional Coma

Label: Locomotive Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
“Emotional Coma” is the fifth release from these Swedish melodic metallers. Lion’s Share bring back the spirit to the early days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement with bands like Grim Reaper and Saxon to newer classically trained names like Cage.
New vocalist Patrik Johansson (who also sings for the Rainbow/Dio inspired Astral Doors) adds that traditional feel and passion to the music. “Cult Of Denial", "The Arsonist", the Candlemass inspired riff for "Emotional Coma" (featuring former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover), and galloping Judas Priestish rocker ‘Clones of Fate” are standouts. "The Edge Of The Razor" also features another regarded metal alumnist ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick who brings his own talents to the darker moody piece in a solo which some will instantly recall his playing style on Kiss’ “Revenge”. Bruce does a great job and adds some emotions that work well the arrangement. I like the way “Trafficking” starts with the guitar volume low then kicking in together with the drums and bass. Great purposeful solo as well. “Hatred’s My Fuel” carries a catchy riff and punchy drums to its upbeat rhythm.

Its interesting these guys have a little bit of the Candlemass bug because I hear the doom masters again in the primary riff to “Bloodstained Soul” and Patrik’s tone at times really captures Ronnie James Dio energies. Keeping with classic inspired metal, “Sorcerers” is a faithful Angel Witch cover and closes the album.

These guys are good, the package and presentation all works well in 2008. It’s a bit of the past mixed with the present to make all walks of heavy metal life happy.
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