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Overkill – Live at Wacken Open Air 2007

Label: Bodog Music
Format: DVD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
This Overkill “Live” release is just and only that, no extras like behind the scenes or interviews. Taped on the Thursday at one of Heavy Metal’s largest and regarded festivals in Germany found the Jersey thrashers once again front of around 40,000 plus metalheads for one of these European outdoor festivals. Their set is only ten songs so I’m gonna assume they weren’t headliners but close to the top of the night’s billing.

Opening with the classic “Rotten to the Core” followed by staple “Elimination” got the crowd fired up early on and you can see it by the look of many in the crowd especially the first few rows. “Necroshine”, a gem from the band’s post 80s era, followed with its more modern arrangement and hardcoreish attitude. Going back in time a few years was the average “Thanx for Nuthin” from the brilliant “Horrorscope” album (where after during his banter with the audience frontman Bobby Blitz jokes about the hand held “Blitz cam” saying later he was getting some footage of his own dick. Gotta love the man’s humor).

With the new album on its way (Oct 07), they played off it new crusher “Skull and Bones” and the AC/DC groove inspired “Walk Through Fire”. Both seemed really well received.

“Wrecking Crew” from the classic “Taking Over” a definite must (they usually do that or “Powersurge”) found its way into the set with sing along crowd fav (especially for the die hard Europeans) “In Union We Stand”. I am always happy to hear pretty much anything from “Taking Over” its definitely in the top three Kill albums.

The band sounds great and inspired at Wacken. Original members DD Verni on bass and Bobby Blitz remain at the core joined by now long time guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer and new drummer Ron Lipnicki.

Closing their set was “Old School” which at this point is looking like it may be another regular (unfortunately I say because they have much better in the catalogue especially from the 80’s to pick from, plus its just a bad song and cheesy really) and of course their salute to the fans “Fuck You”.

A good DVD for what it is but with only a ten song setlist and no extras you are looking for more.

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