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Label:Hopeless/Sub City Records
Format: CD / DVD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Change is inevitable as we all know it, and in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal we have seen the Grunge, Alternative, Rap Rock, Nu Metal, and in recent years the Screamo Metalcore trends come and go. Well the Metalcore is still hanging around but many from that sound and style have grown and learned from the masters like Bullet for my Valentine, Shadows Fall, and Trivium.

The bands featured on this “Change!” DVD/Cd set (presented by Hot Topic/Sub City), offer nothing for me I know in the way of needed, desired or exciting change. Really, this is more of the same of what we have been hearing in the past several years. Chiodos, Silverstein, Boys Night Out (man can you have a gayer name?), The Devil Wears Prada, Escape the Fate…..all lame, pansy ass whiney kids mixing pop rock with the Emo sound to just annoy the real Hard Rock/Metal fans. Please someone make it stop! This is the kind of rock the kiddies listen to that I teach in the Middle Schools.

Bands August Burns Red, The Human Abstract, Converge, Horse the Band (“New York City” was that even a song??)….doesn’t anyone ever stop screaming? Are all these bands on the boll squeezing out a turd. And when they do stop yelling all they do is whine. Where is the voice? Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and their song “Dry the River” was not bad and had a sense of melody with a chorus.

You have a couple good bands with metallic and composition potential like Death Metallers As I lay Dying’s “Nothing Left” and “Embedded” by Job For A Cowboy, but everyone else should just give it up or stick to playing High School talent shows.

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