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Jorn – The Gathering

Label: Locomotive Recrods
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Probably not many in the US have heard about Jorn lande, Norway’s answer to David Coverdale. The respected singer has collaborated with some of Hard Rock and Metal’s biggest names like Yngwie, Joe lynn Turner, keyboardist Don Airey (Deep Purple), Uli Jon Roth from the Scorpions (70s era), and Russell Allen from Symphony X.

“The Gathering” gives some of Jorn’s solo work before, and after, he sang on a couple albums with the German based band Masterplan, a new lease on life dating back to 2000 including songs from his first two solo albums, “Starfire” and “Worldchanger”, plus his work with short lived projects Ark and Millenium where “Hourglass” I’m pretty sure is the original recording.

According to his bio some songs have been completely re recorded, others just remastered while others remixed.

“Something Real” is slightly reworked and beefed up from the original version but not much, along with “Young Forever”, and “One Day We Will Put Out the Sun” (I like what he did with the ending) come off the excellent “Out To Every Nation” my favorite album.

“Where the Winds Blow” can be found on the Ark’s self titled debut with “My Own Way” from the 2005 Allen/Lande album “The Battle”.

Jorn’s voice, as I said earlier, is very Coverdaleish often in his annunciation and tone, bluesy and soulful especially on a track like “House of Cards”. Guitars carry most of the arrangements from start to finish and instantly pulling you in to the song.

“The Gathering” is a very cohesive listen in part to Tommy Hansen’s remastering treatment and guitarists Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Pagans Mind) and Tore Moren who maintain a consistent six string tone throughout. A great collection of Whiesnakeish Hard Rock/Metal to check out. I have been enjoying Jorn’s work for years.

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