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Symphorce – Become Death

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"Become Death" is Symphorce’s sixth album, and a heavy one it is, seeing the guys taking the solid songwriting found on 05’s "Godspeed" to the next step of refinement and aggression. I really enjoyed “Godspeed” and like how the band built on the strength of the record without repeating it for "Become Death". Starting the disc off with the fast and furious 'Darkness Fills the Sky' sets the vibe instantly for the majority of the record. 'Condemned', with its keyboard sample, hits just as hard yet not as fast followed by the melodic 'In the Hopes of a Dream' and its catchy bridge and chorus. Andy B Franck conveys emotion so well going from a fierce snarl to more heart felt melodic passages. His voice really captures the emotion of Symphorce’s music nicely.


'Death Has Come' is grounded in a solid arrangement and incorporates a Godsmack like riff/ drum beat and including a guitar solo, something I usually look forward to. 'Inside the Cast' starts off with a melodic guitar lead that carries through to the tracks end in both keyboards and the chorus. 'No Final Words to Say' is a bit different, Andy’s voice sounding more monotone like Peter Steel (Type O Negative) and the track also possesses a similar dark doomy lack of energy to Type O, almost depressive. 'Lost But Found' is fast and furious and uses, interestingly enough, both some death metal style riffing and Korn like effects for the breakdown.

Symphorce do a excellent job of being very much today in sound without alienating us traditional metalheads bridging the past with the present.

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