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Snake Eyes Seven – Snake Eyes Seven

Label: Chavis Records
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

It’s good to hear in 07 another newer band making straight ahead traditional inspired hard rock/metal music with an edge similar to 80’s more gritty rockers like Spread Eagle, Love/Hate with a touch of today’s sound from say Godsmack. Opening tracks 'Hell or High Water', 'Comin’ Down' has a nice arrangement, and 'Love for a Moment' (good use of vocal harmonies) establish Canada’s Snake Eyes Seven’s sound early on.


The collection of songs for the debut is very similar and I was really hoping for more variety given their choice in style, maybe some more upbeat driving rockers, you know variety in tempos and riffing, would have really worked well and made for a more interesting listen because these guys do have a solid sound and an ear for establishing a style for themselves. Now the songs here are not bad, but given the redundancy of some you start to get the feeling that after a while you say to yourself "Haven’t I heard this already?".

'Bullets & Booze' has a little different groove with a catchy riff than the rest of the mid tempo tracks. For ex. 'Breakdown' starts off with a riff that appears to build some energy but ends up going nowhere and hits that mid pace again. 'Devil with a Rosary' sets a different mood with some keyboard which works and makes good use of backing vocals for the track and Daniel Nargang using his voice to accentuate the final few words. Actually this one is a stand out tune to me given it is a bit different compared to the rest while still sounds like SES.

Like I said these songs have such a similar energy ('Your to Blame' is a good example) to them and lose some life in the end. The recording, while is clear, is a bit unbalanced where some tracks the guitars are louder, others the drums, and a couple the bass, it almost sounds like not all the songs were recorded the same way.

Overall, Snake Eyes Seven is on the right path and off to a good start with this debut with a good classic sound, plenty of guitar work and soloing, and solid vocals. I’m very curious to see what they do next.

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