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Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity

Label: Locomotive
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Over the course of thirteen tracks guitarist Kiko Loureiro will take you on a musical journey for the ears, and maybe the imagination, combining sounds from his native country Brazil and his metal band Angra (example; 'Entermo','Endangered Species') through his choice in song. "No Gravity" is a piece of work that allows Kiko to play some music that will be familiar to fans of his metal style of playing as well as branching out a bit dabbling in a couple other sounds while the majority of the disc is still progressive rock.


Take for example 'Escaping' as you will hear from its start and end both Joe Satriani in its vibe and energy and Steve Vai in its effortless flexibility, while also combining with Kiko's own technique it's a bit progressive as well hitting upon Dream Theater type changes. Very good indeed.

The title track is a calm piece and brings the energy down a notch, drum beat and guitar leads both relaxing conveying tranquil sounds and serenity. If you are already familiar with Angra's works then this will be of no surprise. Same with 'Beautiful Language' and closer 'Choro de Crianca' which are played acoustically and tap into the atmosphere of his native country. 'Pau-de-Arara' brings the guitarist back to his edgier prog influenced side with a catchy arrangement and lead. 'Dilemma' is the fastest track and the one with most edge.

Overall a pleasing instrumental album with well arranged songs that move and change keeping me interested as I sat at the computer writing this review.

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