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Saxon – The Inner Sanctum

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

If you have followed Saxon’s career since the debut in 1979 this is their 17th studio album. Throughout the years they had their up and downs with inconsistent albums like "Rock the Nation" (1986), the commercial "Destiny" (1988), "Solid Ball of Rock" (1991) and 1992’s "Forever Free" were better, and "Dogs of War" (1995). "Unleash the Beast" was well rounded in a heavier direction (1999’s "Metalhead"), with "Killing Ground", and "Lionheart" from 2004 recapturing their classic sound and style. If you liked the harder more aggressive sound and updated production of "Killing Ground" and ‘Lionheart” then "The Inner Sanctum" will surely please.


Starting off with ‘State of Grace’, ‘Need for Speed’, and the heavy driving delivery to ‘Let Me Feel Your Power’ you will hear that Saxon is rocking hard still with plenty of energy. ‘Red Star Falling’ has a similar moody vibe to "Lionheart’s" ‘Beyond the Grave’ and ‘I’ve Got to Rock’ is a classic mid tempo Saxon style rocker (‘Wheels of Steel’ in spirit maybe). Being a Saxon fan myself I can tell you these are definitely good memorable songs to fit in with their live set among the classics. ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ is another foot tapping rocker with an easy to remember chorus, good solo section as well.

Original singer Biff Byford maintains the band’s traditional New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound in tact as do his players (since 1997’s "Unleash the Beast" with the exception of a couple drummer changes), Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt on guitars, Nibbs Carter on bass and Nigel Glockner back on drums keep the consistency.

Saxon still posses the songwriting ability and strength from their classic period in the early 80’s and the newer music is still good. It doesn’t sound like an aging band writing an album full of filler just to live off their past while on tour. They still record good songs with the chops to back themselves up. Do check this one out.

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