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Helloween – Live on 3 Continents

Label: SPV USA
Format: DVD/CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Helloween are clearly the band responsible for creating the European Power Metal style and sound in the 80’s with their landmark records "Keeper of the Seven Keys" Parts 1&2, and subsequently the melodic genre to follow in the early 90’s lead by ironically their sister band Gamma Ray (which features former Helloween guitarist Kai Hansen), Stratovarius, and Blind Guardian.


So at this point in the band’s career, 20 years later, it is only right they release a properly recorded performance for DVD. The show here is actually taken from their show in San Paulo, with the drums and guitar solos edited with clips also from Tokyo, Sofia and San Paulo which is where the "3 Continents" is from. You also get ‘Occasion Avenue’ from Tokyo and ‘Halloween’ from the Czechia Masters of Rock festival, too bad they didn’t include the performance of ‘I Want Out’ with the members of Gamma Ray because that would have been a special treat if you ask me.

Watching the actual performance from San Paulo was a great choice for location because the crowds participation is outstanding as the 6,000 sing along to just about every song especially for classics like ‘Eagle Fly Free’, ‘I Want Out’, ‘Power’, ‘Keeper of the Seven Keys’, and ‘Future World’. Lots of camera angles, split screens, you can also select an option that allows for alternate angles too. Shot for DVD the picture quality is sharp as hell and the audio is just as good.

Three epic songs are included, ‘Keeper of the Seven Keys’ which is a classic, ‘The King for 1,000 Years’ (which is a respectable continuation musically and lyrically from the original “Keeper” story) and ‘The Invisible Man’ off their recent release "Keeper of the Seven Keys The Legacy".

Only complaint I have is nothing included from this first E.P. or "Walls of Jericho". Two off "Dark Ride"?...see that’s where you could have put in something real old or a track from "Master of the Rings" or "Better Than Raw". But really it is a strong concert and the band is very tight.

Bonus material includes the videos for ‘Mrs. God’ and ‘Light the Universe’ from "Keeper the Legacy", a 46 min Road Movie, and 45 minutes of interviews with all members of the band. Everything is spoken in German so us Americans get subtitles.

The companion live CD is sold separately and includes the same setlist as the DVD.

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