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Type O Negative - Dead Again

Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: The Goat

This is Type O's party album. This is a rejuvenated "don't give a subway rat's buttocks" Type O Negative. While on Roadrunner, Type O seemed to be in cruise mode after "October Rust". "October Rust" was most definitely the pinnacle of achievement for Type O as far as their tenure with Roadrunner is concerned. This is not to say the albums after "Rust" were bad, not by any means, but the sardonic spirit was weakening as each album was released. This becomes even more evident when you listen to "Dead Again".


I could easily squander your reading time by itemizing each song and deconstructing and analyzing it. This might be fun for me. Perhaps it might be fun for you to read. The only problem with that idea is that this album defies analysis. Or deconstruction. This is what Type O Negative sounds like without (or with minimal) artistic interference from corporate stooges who don't quite get their 'dharma.' What is 'dharma? ' Dharma is a Buddhist term that describes both a path, an entity, an object, an action, a realized point of existence, a creation of the imagination, etc. etc. Dharma is the whole embodiment of all that is one manifestation of…yada, yada, yada…

This is the only term I know that accurately captures Type O Negative's artistic style. I mean, think about it, what other band out there has such a unique style? Many are compared but few (if any) can actually manage to do what Type O do so well. "Dead Again" demonstrates how limiting to their art their stint with Roadrunner was.

Think of all the Type O Negative albums, from "Slow Deep Hard" to "Life Is Killing Me", there is a specific sound therein. It is a sort of cross between Sabbath, Hendrix, Beatles, and the Munsters. Pete Steele's voice is so distinctive and recognizable, Josh Silver's production is absolutely spot on, and the collective instrumentation of Steele, Silver, Kelly, and Hickey can only be Type O Negative.

"Dead Again" is ALL of Type O's albums together, all the best pieces, and elements combined to create one Frankenstein's Monster (or would that be a Herman Munster?) mutha of an album. This album, I must confess, threw me. I was expecting something with more October Rust forlorn quality and I was not ready for its fresh sound. Like Deicide before them, leaving Roadrunner is a very good thing for Type O Negative. This album also captures some of Mr. Steele's Carnivore attitude.

If you were a fan and were leery of Type O Negative's move to SPV/Steamhammer, then this album is for you. It will renew your faith in the Type O Negative Beast. If you are a loyal fan that is leery of Type O's change and were even leerier still of the Rasputin and Mock-Cyrillic artwork, fear no more - you will be blown away. If you have never heard Type O Negative, check out "October Rust", then "Bloody Kisses", and then pick up this album - you will understand this one that much more with some back catalogue knowledge.

See? Not one word about the songs. If you're a fan, you know what to expect but I imagine that this will remind you of why you fell in love with Type O in the first place.

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