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Kamelot – Ghost Opera

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Kamelot are great at what they do, creating their sound by combining both traditional guitar based hard rock and heavy metal within a progressive arrangement, adding a touch of the European flavor fashioned by the likes of Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, some orchestrated sounds, and excellent melodic vocals.


Ever since they picked up Roy Khan on the mic for "Fourth Legacy" (one album I highly recommend), a formula was established and carried out to follow up releases "Karma", "Epica", and "The Black Halo". "Ghost Opera" sees Kamelot maintaining a consistent sound (ie: 'Rule the World'), incorporating some Middle Eastern as they usually do, while producing a slightly grittier guitar heard on 'The Human Stain', and deeper keyboard sound for the said track.

Kahn’s voice continues to be a focal point to the recording with Thomas Youngblood’s guitar leads always complimenting the vocalist, as do the keyboards provided by newest member Oliver Palotai. I am also hearing some different atmospheres created by the keyboards, ex: 'Up Through the Ashes' given a moodier aura.

The female voice again appears for the balladesque 'Love You To Death' which gives Kamelot’s music that air of the stage and theater which will appeal to you Queensryche “Operation Mindcrime” fans.

"Ghost Opera" while maintains Kamelot’s style the album offers a couple new sounds and the fast galloping European songs like the title track are less heard and more mid paced arrangements take their place. All around good stuff and not a repeat of the last album "The Black Halo" which by the way is a real solid one as well.

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