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Megadeth – United Abominations

Label: Roadrunner
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Well, to start if you like "The System Has Failed" and Dave Mustane’s (guitars/vocals) attempted return to form for Megadeth, then you will also be pleased with "Abominations" as it is more in the vein of their classic sound and style.


Now backed by credited band members Glenn Drover on guitars and Shawn Drover on drums with James Lomenzo on bass, "Abominations" does comes closer to capturing the technical speed metal acrobatics of "Rust in Peace", add a touch of "Peace Sells", to the breakthrough potential of "Countdown to Extinction", combining elements of all the said previous albums. This does sound as if it is more of a band creating the music rather than Dave doing all the work and several guest players contributing.

Arrangement wise "Abominations" is also a more complex Megadeth including rhythm and riff changes (examples; 'Amerikhastan', 'Your Dead') within a song being more frequent than heard on the past few records.

Kicking things off with 'Sleepwalker' and a classic "Rust in Peace" riff delivery followed by more than frantic lead sections you will be pleased as I was with anticipation for even more. 'Washington’s Next' follows and also recalls a more aggressive chromatic Deth combined with melodic Iron Maiden like leads and more fiery soloing.

The title track covers 9/11, Ground Zero the UN and embellishes topically what Dave has made the majority of Megadeth’s lyrics focus on which is politics and 'Gears of War' (nice old school mid paced crunchy riffs), both containing moments of greatness. Dave’s technique is rather recognizable as always to the trained Deth ear and is complimented well by Glenn’s equaled prowess. All tracks feature the two guitarists trading off solos in classic Megadeth fashion. 'A Tout Le Monde' (from "Youthanasia") is redone bringing up the original’s beat a bit with guest vocals done by Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil which is pretty effective given the Italian princess does have an excellent voice. I was never the biggest fan of the original but this is pretty good.

"United Abominations" is an all around heavier, more cohesive and aggressive album than both "The System Has Failed" or 2001's "The World Need A Hero" which I though was hit or miss overall.

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