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Thought Chamber – Angular Perceptions

Label: Inside Out Music
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Thought Chamber is the combined vision of guitarist Michael Harris and Ted Leonard from Enchant. The music is progressive hard rock with touches of metal here and there. More of a prog rock vibe really, these guys are players. Throughout the debut there is a cohesive sound, borrowing from later Fates Warning in the soothing soundscapes present while offering Dream Theater like changes (though not copies at all) within a track, take for example the seven minute 'Sacred Treasure'. Guitar and keyboard solos get traded off as tracks move about with various tempo changes.


I like what sounds the keyboards provide as they bring different dynamics to the tracks seasoning things.

'Balance of One' has some of Symphony X’s formula with a similar edge and groove which works good, though the solo section is unlike. Three instrumentals are included for you prog heads out there in which 'Mr. Quigle’s Therapy' is pretty wacky seeing different guitar movements, keyboard tones and odd rhythm changes. It swirls together well. I am hearing sounds from jazz and funk as well in the music. Very musical and involved indeed.

With so many prog rock bands out there to choose from Thought Chamber will offer an artistic side to the music and not really a metallic aggressive edge. I think many will find them unique in their own way.

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