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Entombed - Serpent Saints

Label: Candlelight
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: The Goat

You know the band (and if you don't shame on you). You know the sound. We all know the sound (and, once again, see above if you don't). One of the bands responsible for influencing so many metal bands out there has returned. It may be an understatement to say that, thank all that is unholy with Swedeath metal, Entombed did not stay with that "Same Difference" sound and stay on an alterna crap path. Thankfully, and you'll pardon the pun, they got back on the Left Hand Path.


"Serpent Saints" is where "To Ride" left off. “Morning Star” and "Inferno" saw the Entombed boys make like "SD" never happened, yet there was still something missing. Sure, there was attitude. Sure, there was anti-Christian sentiment. Sure, there was a marriage of Sabbath and Slayer in some of the riffs (mixed with a whole lotta sludginess for good measure). Yet, there was something still so elusive. "Serpent Saints" has that missing piece.

The opening track, the title song, eases in with some damn eerie string plucking. This is the statement of intent. 'Masters of Death', despite its silly title, is like Entombed resurrecting old "Masters" era Metallica. It is thrashy and empowering.

It is sure to fire up the pit. 'Amok' tramples in a “Wolverine” fashion. The Satanic Magic is in the midpaced devastating riffage. This is how death and roll ought to be played. Entombed shows how it is done, youngins' take a listen.

My favorite song is 'Thy Kingdom Coma'. There is something so incredible. This is somewhat experimental sounding because Entombed do not blast away here as they do else where. Yet, this song is far more destructive in my opinion. It is fast but it has an old school vibe that can't be beat. It is almost catchy in its malevolence - like how the Black Plague is catchy. This is truly Entombed at their finest.

This album just keeps getting better and better. The pacing is awesome. 'When in Sodom' rumbles in with a Slayer-meets-Motorhead drive twisted with the down-tempo Entombed make-over. This is a disturbing song. It has a very dark atmospheric quality, especially when the choir-like voices echo the chorus. I am fairly certain you'll be singing along with it (I was). I don't want to ruin this album for you - not that this is even possible. "Serpent Saints" is the album that only Entombed could make. The starkness of their sound, the distinctiveness of their rumbling Swedeath, it is all we come to expect of them and Entombed have delivered a mighty album. If you have not heard Entombed before, this is the album to get. Gothenburg sound be damned, Entombed show us how it is really done - kiddies, take note.

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