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Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into The Light

Label: Nuclear Blast USA
Format: 2 CD set
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This collection features 10 tracks recorded by various metal singers and produced/composed by Rage guitarist Victor Smolski who played all guitars and bass. A second CD on the two-disc set features classic tracks, rare material and new songs.


Here's who sang on what:
'Dirty Wings' (Tobias Sammet, Edguy), 'Terrified' (Peavy Wagner, Rage), 'Ruling The World' (Tony Kakko, Sonata Arctica), 'Death Is Alive' (Mats Leven, Therion/Krux), 'Bloodsucker' (Schmier, Destruction), 'Slaves To The Desert' (Hansi Kürsch, Blind Guardian), 'A Perfect Day' (Andi Deris, Helloween), 'Eternally' (Oddleif Stensland, Communic), 'Inner Sanctuary' (Marco Hietala, Nightwish/Tarot), 'In The Picture' (Tarja Turunen, ex-Nightwish).

The music that Victor composed is very fitting for each singer. Example 'Bloodsucker' is a full speed thrash song very much in the spirit of Destruction while 'Dirty Wings' with Tobias from Edguy singing is a straight ahead hard rocker similar in its energy to what Tobias does with his Avantasia project. I like what was written for Hansi from Blind Guardian as the chorus and melody have a familiarity to Guardian’s usual fare. Mats Leven (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) delivers very strong in a semi duet with Jen Majura’s female voice that is not overdone (as of lately these male/female duets have grown a tired idea).

Really this album rocks and these artists together sound excellent, its an all around cohesive listen of dynamic metal. Victor's writing abilities are top notch and he sure knows how to meet the needs and talents for each vocalist.

Do check this one out.

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