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Spheric Universe Experience - Anima

Label: Sensory/The Lasers Edge
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"Anima" is the second album from these French progressive rockers. Huh…with the first track 'Sceptic' I could not help but think of Symphony X as they almost copied the Jerseyian’s musical template. Guess it just happens that way sometimes. In the bands musical makeup they draw from different influences, like many from the progressive genre, and the keyboards bring in various sounds/samples to the music. Creative writing and use of guitar riffs makes for an engaging listen, I really like the galloping changes during 'End of Trauma'.


"Anima" was mastered by Tommy Hansen who has worked with the likes of Helloween, Wuthering Heights and Circus Maximus and you can hear a similar quality to the later two bands given such a clean balanced mix. What I really like about these guys and what caught my ear instantly was the amount of energy put into many of these tracks. Spheric Universe are not reinventing the prog rock wheel but kicking it in the ass a bit. You know how some prog rock/metal tends to get boring after a while because of all the acrobatics, but SUE avoids that trap, ex; 'The Inner Quest' and 'Neptune’s Revenge' (where the Dream Theater tendencies comes to the surface).

These guys keep the arrangements interesting with varied twists and turns. Good stuff check em out.

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