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The Cursed - Room Full of Sinners

Label: Locomotive
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The Cursed is the side project of Overkill's Bobby 'Blitz' and Hade's/Non Fiction guitarist Dan Lorenzo, joined also by Non Fiction alumni Mike Cristi on drums and Job the Raver from local Jersey band Murder 1. Musically, "Room Full of Sinners" is very similar to what Overkill were doing at the time with the album "I Hear Black" especially the type of riffing heard on 'Spiritual Void' (just listen to the title track which has a surprising saxophone solo). Blitz offers up different vocals where he works in a lower register, not evoking as much personality as he does within the Kill's music, and for the most part void of anything high pitched. Even Bobbie’s energy level while singing is rather passive, gritty and convincing in certain words, yet not what one may expect.


Starting with a mid paced grungy 'Sweeter', the guys let you know what is to come as a heavy handed 70’s influence from Black Sabbath can be heard throughout the disc yet a modern ethic as well. 'Best of the Worst' has a tight groove between the riff and rhythm section but boy does 'Native Tongue' drag, filler. It just lies their like a bag of sand. Blitz is the saving grace making an attempt to bring emotion to what he sings and life to the track. 'Serpentine Slither' offers a jazz like, down south finger snapping vibe and different than anything else as The Cursed does play a consistent style.

I'm not all that impressed by the collaboration though I do respect and enjoy (especially Overkill’s thrash) Blitz and Dan's respective other bands. Overall too sludgy and redundant.

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