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Lillian Axe - Waters Rising

Label: Locomotive
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

After several years since 1999's "Fields of Yesterday", founding guitarist Steve Blaze returns with a new lineup for Lillian Axe. It must be so hard for these “hair bands” (the term means nothing to me, the music does the talking) to make new music because the stigma just follows the genre forever especially in the eyes of ignorant critics, well some.


On "Waters Rising" Lillian Axe’s sound has really lost the big guitars of the 80's (their self titled debut released in 88', "Love & War" in 89' and "Poetic Justice" in 92') and replaced them with a dirtier guitar sound and more varied arrangements.

Opening rocker 'Water’s Rising', ‘Become a Monster' with more rhythmic grinding guitar riffing and 'Antarctica' shows the band still rocks. Its a little different sounding band now, a little more today, and the music is not your predictable big guitar riff - verse - chorus - verse - chorus- guitar solo. Now a little more dynamic than before trying different ideas working outside of the box, example 'The 2nd of May' or 'Deep in the Black' which has a Pink Floydish mood (what sounds like an organ helps) in Derrick LeFevre’s vocals. 'Until the End of the World' is more classic sounding with acoustic guitars and a catchy chorus as with 'Have to Die, Goodbye'. I really like these two, very good harmonies.

If you are familiar with "Fields of Yesterday" then this will be of no surprise. "Waters Rising" is a disc of well written songs that does not try to live on its past. Lillian Axe are taking chances without losing who they are in the process. Recommended.

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