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Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: The Goat

Close your eyes. Listen to the music. Imagine a troll wandering through the woods to a Danny Elfman soundtrack. Imagine the troll looks a little like something that Tim Burton would draw.


Picture the troll stalking something in the woods…perhaps, it is you he is stalking……you can feel your heartbeat race as the music begins to reach a crescendo. Then the 'Troll strikes! The blasting guitars and drums explode and they come crashing down like a blizzard with little warning. 'Sång' is the first formal song with vocals. It has the majestic romp of what you expect from Finntroll. The song comes to close with some heavy blasting kettle drums that sound like a call to arms.

'Korpens Saga' opens somewhat deceptively with a pub-like chorus before striking with its folk metal fury. The song shifts to something that sounds remotely classical, although I can't place the tune. 'Korpens' is almost uplifting in its rhythms. The real action happens when the song speeds up. The humppa bounce is less pronounced. 'Nedgång' breaks in like a blackened deathseeking troll and this song is somewhat shocking in its flairs and harshness. The anthemic romp is still present but there is an edginess that has not been in Finntroll's music for sometime. This is a trend that is maintained throughout this album.

I read somewhere that a reviewer was disappointed by this album because it was less folk and more black metal in its approach. I am a huge fan of Finntroll (I mean, think about it a band that sings about trolls that eat Christians and dresses like trolls too - how metal is that?) and I am inclined to disagree. I think 'Ur Jordens Djupet' is a stronger amalgamation of the black metal and folk metal influences. It carries some of the humppa rhythms but it is a lot harsher and angrier. I would also like to add that this album tells a story about shamanism, written by, I believe, former vocalist Katla.

Most assuredly, Finntroll is one of the most innovative bands out there - I mean, really, mixing a Finnish polka (humppa) with black metal? How twisted and forward thinking need you be to come up with that idea? Granted, my grandparents (who are Finns) would probably not see the merits of this twist on a folk art but I don't think Finntroll had them in mind.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of Finntroll, expect an angrier album yet retaining the humppa flavor we have come to know and love. If this is your first time with Finntroll, welcome to the party and seek out their earlier releases.

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