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Suspyre - A Great Divide

Label: Nightmare Records
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

With so many prog bands out there borrowing from Dream Theater left and right you have to wonder how they maintain a sense of originality amongst their peers. Clearly the more influences at your disposal helps. I can tell you it is hard but Suspyre is another promising progressive band to emerge from Metal Asylum's backyard, New Jersey. These guys have alot of potential already in their debut and follow suit with Symphony X's combining more aggressive metallic arrangements within a technical framework. Going for a more aggressive sound benefits Suspyre as the opening intro moves with grace into a hard edged 'The Singer' (with of course some Dream Theater influence) then flowing back into more acoustic Fates Warning like territory for 'The Spirit' (I even hear Ray Alder in the vocal).


Atmospheric landscapes, strings segments, and orchestrals become all part to the nine minute 'The Galactic Backward Movements' to the two minute interlude 'Bending the Violet' as Suspyre offer everything progressive metal fan would want.

I really like how the song moves into the heavier section it all comes together well. Same with 'Manipulation in Time' which has some of Rhapsody’s (the Italian power metal band) symphonic qualities within the heavier moments a quality that Suspyre bring often into each song.

The album is divided into 'Opus II and III' yet still presented as a complete listening experience.

I like what I hear already from "A Great Divide" and I am interested to see where the band go next.

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