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Sonata Arctica - Unia

Label: Nuclear Blast USA
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

So these Fins (who started out as a non metal act known as Tricky Means) have grown a lot since their Stratovarius rip off debut "Ecliptica" and demonstrated with each album they were working towards their own sound and style. You can still hear the hints of their fellow countrymen in the quicker songs but overall arrangement wise (especially in the keyboard tone which has more of a deeper Hammond organ tone) they are doing their own thing. More mid paced songs like lead off track 'In Black and White' and 'Paid in Full' are allowing Sonata to be individuals. Since their last record "Reckoning Night", Sonata have found themselves a comfort zone with sound and style mixing common power metal arrangements with more proggy type changes, ex; 'My Dream’s But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare'.


Melody and a graceful delivery is the key word for Sonata (example; the ballad 'Under Your Tree'), not really heavy or aggressive for metal, well maybe at times, but the vocal lines by Tony Kakko are always up in front with backing vocals a focus for the songs. 'For The Sake of Revenge', 'The Vice' and 'The Harvest' while use edgier guitars and a harder delivery still carry a melody first and foremost. For the most part Sonata Arctica’s keyboard use does take president over the guitar and serves as the music’s driving creative force.

Let's see where they take the music next time I’m curious.

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