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Aeon – Rise to Dominate

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"Rise to Dominate" is the second release from this five piece Swedish outfit. Now you ask how good can this be? Why should I pay attention to this band when there are just so many Death Metal bands already?


Well I can tell you that Aeon start off on the right death metal foot with the well arranged and punishing 'Helel Ben-Shachar' as the words "Lucifer he said no to god" make a clear statement early on. Aeon do follow all the traditions heard from this genre and do it very well.

Technical players, flesh ripping riffs and tight arrangements from the best of em you will take note of and during the solo section for 'Living in Sin' the name Nevermore and Jeff Loomis will come to mind especially with those with harmonies.

I also hear the Nevermore influence on 'You Pray to Nothing'.

'Caressed by the Holy Man'?? How’s that for dark, people?….now that’s up there with some of Cannibal Corpse’s titles. As a lyrical line says.."1879 the holy man invites you in, He welcomes children from everywhere to his pleasure place, Blessed by the holy man, Caressed by the holy man". Another tight song with deadly changes and riffing.

The voice is standard being harsh and guttural yet more understandable than most, but that also has something to do with the level of production as "Rise to Dominate" was also mixed and mastered by Dan Swano (who has worked with the likes of Opeth, Marduk, Dissection, and Dark Funeral) at Unisound Recordings.

This is a well recorded collection of unrelenting death metal with variety in the arrangements that doesn’t compromise the level of intensity. Do check these guys out.

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