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Susperia - Cut From Stone

Label: Candlelight Records
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"Cut from Stone" is the fourth album by these melodic thrashers from Norway and it is just the way you remember the great thrash bands from the 80's, riffs galore with a good, sometimes great voice (Chuck Billy from Testament, Hetfield from Metallica) that doesn't have to rely on screaming and yelling all the time (you know the drill with metalcore). Think along the lines of Testament’s "The Gathering" and that’s what Susperia go for just more melodic.


The disc starts off thrashing and pounding with opener 'More' as the chorus is forcefully repeated down the listener’s throat followed by the more groove carried 'Lackluster Day' where you will hear the always familiar chorus written in Susperia fashion. Chugging along at a strong mid pace is 'Distant Memory' with plenty of lead guitar work and dynamic ride out. 'Life Deprived' raises the energy level including some dynamics mid way, a characteristic that is common to Susperia’s arrangements. This one is definitely a keeper. Power and passion just seep out of this type of arrangement.

'Between the Lines' (ironically, remember that Testament VHS title?) is another kicker with blistering fretwork, I love when Susperia hit this type of groove. I can say the same for 'Bound to Come' which maintains the previous track’s punch.

Not as strong I'd say as their previous one "Unlimited" but still good. There is even more melody this time around than before, which was never a problem, but "Cut From Stone" lacks some of the creative go for the throat riffing and tight arrangements from "Unlimited". Still recommended. I really like these guys and find they do offer something for the extreme scene and have since I first heard "Vindication".

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