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Seven Witches – Deadly Sins

Label: Locomotive Records
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Looking back for a minute….the last Seven Witches release "Amped" was met with a bit of resistance from both critics and fans, seeing as Jack's riffing and more modern arrangements were all to overpowering for a Witches record. I too was a bit disappointed but "Amped" did have its strong moments. It was a time of change and adjustment (same thing happened with Helloween and "Rabbit Don’t Come Easy") as new vocalist Alan Tecchio had just stepped in serving as both a voice and lyricist. "Amped" has its place and can be looked at as a necessary recording that has lead us to where we are with "Deadly Sins".


"Deadly Sins" sees the return of Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) on bass and also joined by Clint Arent who works with Metal Mike and Painmuseum. Joey has always been Jack’s anchor and it is great to hear the accomplished player back.

Starting off with the title track you can hear that Jack is writing metal in more familiar Witches territory, yet, given Alan’s tone and delivery he does take the music into a darker heavier realm with a definite fist in the face attitude.

This is not the same band that recorded "Passage to the Other Side" and "Year of the Witch", and don’t read me wrong, not taking anything away from those albums because former singer James Rivera was excellent and his voice brought the band to the next level. Alan’s voice on the other hand like I said earlier also makes the music more modern, more 2007 (listen to 'Worship' and those almost death metal like backing vocals), complimenting Jack’s riffing style and his pinch harmonics that have become a staple to the Witches sound.

Jack as a player has also stepped up his game adding more complex leads and layered solos for a track like 'Knowledge' and 'Pleasure' as well as progressive movements into the arrangements. You are not going to listen to this record and say “O Jack has done this before”. Of course familiar sounds are present like the traditional riff groove to 'Wealth' to make it Seven Witches but something fresh as well can be heard. 'Wealth' also features more of Alan throwing in the low end barks for more added effect and drama.

Is 'Man of the Millennium' a left over Morgana Lefay song from "Maleficium" or "Sanctified"?, or is it just me? 'The Answer' (wait..is that King Diamond at the end??) is a Witches re recording originally found on the album "City of Lost Souls" from 2000.

Overall Jack has taken Seven Witches another step forward in creativity and musicianship, maintaining integrity and class. The chemistry is hitting a groove. Let’s see what Jack, Alan, and Joey come up with next.

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