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Overloaded – Overloaded

Label: Independently released
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The Detroit based Overloaded is a newer name on the scene getting their start in 2004 and have released since "Hellfire" and “Hail the Kingdom” E.p.s, both self-financed. The band delivers hard rock songs with influences of 80s American Hard Rock/Metal and similar to those like Spread Eagle, Love/Hate, Dangerous Toys, the grittier sounds from that era. While they have a retro style they don’t have a dated feel to their music. Well some I’m sure will say its dated but its as straight forward as you can get.


This self titled first full length (which contains songs from both said E.p.s) gets off to a great start with rockers "Hellfire" and "Feeling Overloaded" with singer Chris Gillen's John Corabi like (The Scream, ex Motley Crue) scorching delivery and rough tone. The band sounds like they worked on these songs for some time and didn’t just throw it together last minute.

Guitars riffs are creative and catchy, ex; 'Where Are You Running To', with drums and bass holding down a tight beat. There is variety to the tempos as 'Zygote' is slowed down and moodier seeing John's vocals really getting a work out and he does have a set of pipes that sound natural. 'War of the Worlds' brings the energy level back up and is a hard groovy rocker as is carried over nicely to the very L.A.ish 'Shotgun City'.

On the band’s website it states; "Overloaded has been rejected by every record label in the world". Now I wouldn't attribute it to lack of talent but it just must be the over populated scene that makes it hard for them but I wish 'em luck because this is some better than average classic hard rock/metal.

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