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Messiah’s Kiss – Dragonheart

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"Dragonheart" is the third release from four international musicians playing heavy metal in its purist form with Iced Earth/Saxon galloping driving riffs (check out the title track, 'Steelrider', and 'Nocturnal'), Maidenish leads and Ronnie James Dio passionate vocals. Enforcing their old school sound is Mike Tirelli (Holy Mother, Riot) on vocals and bassist Wayne Banks (Blaze Bailey, Sabbat) with Accept/Victory guitarist Herman Frank who appears as a guest musician performing all guitar solos.


Very little keyboard work or orchestrations as they are just added as a dynamic highlight, ex; 'City of Angels'. Just pure Metal! 'Where the Falcon’s Cry' is really good with a mid paced rhythm and a classic heavy metal chorus that caught my ear.

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