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Demiricous - Two (Poverty)

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: The Goat

Take one part "God Hates Us All", one part "Seasons In The Abyss", one part "Haunting The Chapel", julienned "Reign In Blood" Slayer and stir vigorously until your arm muscles creak and your heart pounds and your ears bleed… This is what Demiricous sounds like.


And yet, surprisingly, not. “Two (Poverty)” doesn't just pick up where "One (Hellbound)" left off but it adds more violence to the mix and more Slayerrific destructive energy. Did you think that only The Haunted could do Slayer like Slayer?

Well, just listen to 'Knuckle Eye' by Demiricous. It is Slayer but perhaps more pissed off. Nate Olp (vocals, or more appropriately, vokills) is no Tom Arraya and he does not need to be. If he was an Arraya clone, Demiricous would probably not have the same impact.

Demiricous are no Slayer wannabe. They are Grad Students of the Craft. They rip, tear, thrash like maniacs. The guitars are full and razor sharp (I mean, you could shave your face with them but I wouldn't recommend it - you'd probably slit your own throat and die in thrashing ecstasy).

I mean, just listen to 'Leprosiac Belief'. I point your attention to the most amazing breakdown that occurs with a little over a minute in the song. Is this not an amazing demonstration of thrash at its finest? Oh, but boys and girls, this is not all. Observe 'Language of Oblivion' shortly thereafter (if your neck is not torn off by now), the militaristic stomp is unrelenting. This is just a sample of what is in store for you.

In short, these guys are amazing. This album blew my mind, my ears, my skull, and left a bloody gaping hole. If you are a fan of music, you've probably heard about the 'sophomore album curse,' that is, the second album never really measures up to the debut. This is not the case with "Two (Poverty)". This album carries the message further. This album makes "One (Hellbound)" seem like it was Slayer played by John Tesh and Barry Manilow (with guest soloing by Kenny G).

Go. Buy. Now.

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