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Fight K5 - War of Words Demos

Label: Metal God Ent.
Format: CD/DVD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Fight is the project Rob Halford started upon his departure from Judas Priest. The “War of Words” album is really a stand out moment for not only Rob as an artist but Heavy Metal music. It was not a Judas Priest copy and served an expression of musical growth, aggression and a change in times. Titles like 'Life in Black', a bit slower in demo form 'Kill It', 'Contortion' (which was always one of my favorites and here in its demo form its as deadly in its simple delivery), and 'Vicious' all beared Rob’s teeth both in music and lyric.


As the liner notes state, this release called Fight K5, features the first original recordings written by Rob Halford and performed by Fight like headbangers 'Into The Pit' and 'Nailed to the Gun' which were videos at the time of its release.

Also included are five brand new tracks not contained on ‘War of Words” when it was initially released back in 1993.

'Now You Die' is a pretty solid rocker, 'Beast Denies' is 'Reality: A New Beginning' under a different name with the 'Reality' riff and melody line but in a ruffer un finished form…interesting what became of it. 'Down' slows the pace and I don’t think works too well compared to the rest of the original album. 'Dead Men Talk' features a lower end death metal like voice at its start before the track gets going. The drums and symbols are really high in the mix for 'Laid to Rest' and definitely sounds like a work in progress. 'Jesus Saves' and 'Psycho Suicide' I am not familiar with and neither appeared on “War of Words”.

This release, while may not be up to the level of the original “War of Words”, is a great way to become familiar with what the album has to offer and in my opinion I can see why these four unreleased tracks were left off.

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