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Emerald Sun – Escape From Twilight

Label: LMP Music
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

I have been a long time supporter of Finnish power metallers Stratovarius and make no bones about promoting the hell out them. Shit, they have been around since the beginning of the 90s, have their own sound and style and deserve the recognition.


With that name in mind, Emerald Sun from Greece faithfully play melodic European style Power Metal with a heavy dose of influence from their Finnish forefathers. With this debut, opening instrumental 'Sunrise' and 'Scream Out Loud' could easily have appeared on Stratovarius’ “Fourth Dimension” or “Episode”. Emerald Sun embrace all the elements of the genre being first and foremost melodic, spirited, allowing guitar and keyboard melody to carry each song with a voice that is bright and easily heard.

And speaking of Power Metal, the name Helloween of course has to come to mind and their influence is all over the arrangement (sometimes its scary even how much Jimmy Santrazami sounds like ex Helloween singer Michael Kiske) for 'High in the Sky' and 'Sword of Light' which brought me right back to the “Keeper of the Seven Keys” albums from the 80’s (just remove Emerald Sun’s use of keyboards). Album closer 'Not Alone' is a well written ballad with a European sensibility that I think will surely please. 'The Story Begins' is the only track that breaks the continuity and is a page right out of the Blind Guardian ballad handbook. It’s such a rip off Hansi should be pissed.

When Sonata Arctica released their plagiaristic debut in 1999 it appeared they were destined to follow suit with Stratovarius. Thankfully, they have moved on - the chair is vacant. Let’s see if Emerald Sun can pick up the pieces because already there is potential.

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