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Black Majesty – Tomorrowland

Label: Limb Music Products
Format: CD
Released: 2007
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Just how many of these types of bands do LMP Music Products put out? Aside from Black Majesty, I also have fellow fantasy metallers Excalion to review and if you go to the label’s website there is also Eldrich, Zandelle, Emerald Sun, and Domain.


Black Majesty (“Tomorrowland” is their third release), from Australia, are one of the bigger third generation names to play melodic Power Metal in the tradition of greats like Helloween, Gamma Ray and second generation card carriers like Edguy. Listen to opening track 'Forever Damned', 'Into the Black' or 'Bleeding World' and tell me the above mentioned German pioneers and more so one of their successors Edguy don’t come to mind especially on 'Into the Black' or 'Wing to Fly' in the chorus? And you know what, I’m not knocking what Black Majesty do because these are well written songs both musically and lyrically but the comparisons are unavoidable.

I know there are just so many bands with this sound and these guys are no different wearing these influences proudly on their sleeves but Black Majesty do it right. Someone has to be part of the next generation don’t they? Because lets face it Helloween and Gamma Ray are not gonna be around forever.

John Cavaliere’s voice and the backing vocals carry through each song, the melodic twin guitar lines are ever so present and the back bone to every song and there is surely no shortage of soloing. 'Faces of War' is a guitar charged rocker and one of the notable moments amongst these ten spirited tracks. They also do a very respectful cover of Deep Purple’s 'Soldier of Fortune'.

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