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Kamelot – One Cold Winter’s Night

Label: SPV USA
Format: DVD/CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

To start, this concert looks and sounds fantastic which is the most important thing here given the show is the feature. At first viewing one can’t help but notice the sharp picture resolution brought out by the bright stage lights. The contrast between light and dark is perfect, rich blues, greens, and reds embrace the stage and highlight the entire performance and compliment the disc’s title "One Cold Winter’s Night". Camera shots vary from up close to wide shots including a few rotating 360 degrees which is really different. The footage is edited between color and black and white which is nicely done and gives it an overall classic almost vintage look like an old black and white movie.


Aside from the band on stage you get a few guests joining the show as a female character is part of the songs ‘Abandoned’ complete with falling snow, Epica’s Simone Simons for ‘The Haunting’ and ‘Elizabeth’ as she looks in the mirror while singer Roy Kahn recites her action as in a play. All this staging and choreography is presented just like Queensryche have done already with their landmark "Operation Mindcrime". The short keyboard instrumental included is very good and spotlights Oliver Palotai if you didn’t already recognize his importance, and I look forward to him recording with the band.

This DVD (cd is released separate) was recorded in February of 2006 at the Rockefeller Music hall in Oslo, Norway. The band hired film and video director Patric Ullaeus (who has worked with Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, and In Flames) to tape the night's events as well as capture Kamelot’s artistic vision for this concert performance. Joining Patric from Gothenberg Sweden was a large crew of professionals including 18 cameras that would be used in and around the concert grounds which caught some footage of the fans standing on line braving the cold and snow to be part of this taping. The title for the band's first DVD to date was chosen before the actual shoot. Ironically this winter in Norway turned out to be one of the longest and coldest in the country's history with more snow than usual.

The only con I can make is the absence of any material from Kamelot’s first three albums (two which Roy did not sing on) and only one track included from "The Fourth Legacy", ‘Nights of Arabia’. The focus of the material is taken from "Karma", "Epica", and "The Black Halo".

DVD 1 - 'Intro: Un Assasino Molto Silenzioso', 'The Black Halo', 'Soul Society', 'The Edge of Paradise', 'Center of the Universe', 'Nights Of Arabia', 'Abandoned', 'Forever', 'Keyboard Solo', 'The Haunting', 'Moonlight', 'When The Lights Are Down', 'Elizabeth (Part I, II & III)', 'March Of Mephisto', 'Karma', 'Drum Solo', 'Farewell', 'Curtain call/Outro'.

DVD 2 - Behind the Scenes, Band interviews, Making of 'The Haunting', Up-close interview with Thomas Youngblood at home, Casey Grill at drums, Interview with Simone Simons from EPICA, photo gallery, Band Bio, Discography Videos - 'The Haunting', 'March Of Mephisto', 'March Of Mephisto' (uncensored), 'Serenade', 'March Of Mephisto' live at Sweden Rock 2006

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