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Kreator - Enemy of God (Revisited)

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD/DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This edition of "Enemy of God" allows us to revisit one of, if not, the band's strongest releases since say "Coma of Souls". Looking back here were my thoughts from my initial review of the regular edition...


Kreator have been around since the early 80's and were seen as the German equivalent to Slayer as far as intensity and a bit creatively. Since then they have continued to thrive, making records, experimenting in their own way with good and bad results to prevent from becoming stale, staying true to what they are. "Enemy of God" has a similar sound to their previous release "Violent Revolution" but maybe a little more melodic yet still very heavy. Production for the album is also really solid and crisp which you can now really appreciate in its 5.1 mix.

In 2005-06 Kreator does not sound retro at all and after so many years of making music this does sound fresh and not a rehash at all. Guitar leads and melodies are really strong and anchor each song with groove and crunch carrying everything along. ‘Suicide Terrorist', ‘Enemy of God', ‘One Evil Comes – A Million Follow', features all the above.

Kreator also find time for some dynamics helping to make their music varied (intro to ‘Dying Race Apocalypse' for ex) to an extent, I say that because essentially their music is thrash when it comes down to it. Millie keeps his voice in tact, ruff, though lyrics are understandable. Kreator are one of the few playing traditional Thrash Metal, and coming from their part of the world along with Destruction and Sodom and the own sound that comes with each, its great to see all three bands continue to carry on.

Included for this revisited edition is a full pro shot concert from the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. Now while this is a professionally recorded show interesting that the picture resolution is not particularly sharp. Its clear but a bit grainy and foggy in its quality. It very much reflects the stormy cloudy weather seen at the show. Audio on the other hand is perfect.

Also included are three songs performed on German TV which are perfectly clear unlike the Wacken performance plus the promo videos for the album. The "Making of" segment is one of the better ones for the usual music DVDs as the "Enemy of God" title track video was done as a concept based on the songs lyrics. So there are a few characters on set and we get comments by the band, director, and the cast plus the band's performance of the clip. Good stuff and all together makes this revisiting worth getting as it is not just a 5.1 mixing of the album. Nice work SPV.

Live Wacken 2005:
Intro, Enemy Of God, Impossible Brutality, Pleasure To Kill, Phobia, Violent Revolution, Suicide Terrorist, Extreme Aggression, People Of The Lie, Voices Of The Dead, Terrible Certainty, Betrayer, Flag Of Hate, Tormentor.
Bonus - "Live At The Rockpalast":
Reconquering the Throne, Renewal, Servant in Heaven King in Hell

Video Clips:
Enemy of God/Making of, animated clip Dystopia, Impossible Brutality, Dying Race Apocalypse.

Enemy Of God 5.1 DTS Mix:
1. Enemy of God
2. Impossible Brutality
3. Suicide Terrorist
4. World Anarchy
5. Dystopia
6. Voices of the Dead
7. Murder Fantasies
8. When Death Takes Its Dominion
9. One Evil Comes - A Million Follow
10. Dying Race Apocalypse
11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
12. The Ancient Plague
13. Toxic Trace (Live in Busan, Korea)
14. Coma Of Souls (Live in Busan, Korea)

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