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Seven Witches – Years of the Witch

Label: Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Over a year after its initial taping in February 05, Jack Frost finally gets to see his first "official" DVD get its release. Now I put the word "official" in quotes for a reason. The show that was taped for the main portion of the DVD is taken from Crocodile Rock in Allentown PA where the Witches encountered problems with the venue and their rules as to when those under 21 were allowed to stay until. As a result, at some point throughout the show half of the crowd had to clear out, and the band made it clear (and not happy to say the least) to the audience they had nothing to do with it. So aside from that little problem, now the DVD comes out and the audio portion to the concert is not up to snuff with the video footage. The show was caught on tape by several cameras and the audio was supposed to also be professionally recorded.


So while watching the performance the video quality is sharp considering, switching camera angles and band members often. Problem is the audio, and a major one, as it sounds really not much better than a hand held bootleg. Most of the time you can barely hear Jack on the guitar, vocals are high in the mix, and there isn’t that full feel to the drums and bass. It really doesn’t have that professionally recorded sound quality.

I even spoke to Jack about this issue and he is not happy at all with the end result and is just relieved the thing finally came out. He also said, and I quote, "I am happy that nothing was fixed from the live show in post production, this is really a live show". "Viagra music, the company that was originally supposed to put this DVD out, did not put the proper time and money into making this recording as good as it could possibly be".

Aside from the problems with the concert’s audio the rest of the DVD is very good including a sit down with Seven Witches long time creative director Jack as he goes through various memories and stories behind the recordings to each record up to "Year of the Witch". There is also an interview between Jack and Brave Words/Bloody Knuckles writer Mark Groman where we get some further insight into Jack’s thoughts on his music and career.

The "Journey Through Camelot" features performances of the song ‘Camelot’ by original singer Bobby Lucas, Wade Black and then James Rivera at some point during each members time in Seven Witches. Then you also get some more archived bootleg concert footage from various points in the Witche's career.

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