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Flotsam and Jetsam – Doomsday for the Deceiver (20th Anniversary Edition)

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD/DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This 20th anniversary is really nicely done packaged as a double cd plus a bonus DVD of this classic thrash metal album originally released in 1986. Disc 1 includes two songs from the "Iron Tears" demo with the four songs off the "Metal Shock" e.p. included on the remastered second disc.


You get the regular edition of "Doomsday" for you purists plus the remastered treatment which really pulls out the bass and drums bringing clarity to the overall sound. You can actually feel the music in your car speakers now instead of just hearing it without any change within the songs themselves. The remastering only brings all the instruments out of the mix and doesn’t change the essence of the songs. This is not a rerecording. Included are lyrics and expanded packaging with photos.

Disc 3 includes several goodies. You get the Early Years which includes the band at an early age getting interviewed for a local Arizona High School television program where the band is originally from, a performance of ‘Iron Tears’ at The Palace, an energetically slightly conceptual ‘Hammerhead’ performed live in Jason Newsted’s (who went on to play bass for Metallica) apartment, and ‘She Took the Axe’ shot with various camera angels at The Pony Express. Now the footage is not say "professionally" done although has held up rather well over the years. The picture quality while not sharp is clear, has the occasional glitch given it was recorded in 1983-85, the audio is just fine and you hear all the players clearly.

You also get a full show from 1985 when Jason was still in the band. Again another one camera filmed show with a couple audio drop outs and the beginning to the first song of the show “Iron Tears” missing. Audio here is fine also as you can hear all the vocals, guitars and drums, bass does get lost a bit since its off the camera mic. The band here performs four unreleased songs in the set ‘Children of the Night’, ‘The Executioner’, ‘Those Who Defy’, and ‘On the Attack’. Photo gallery included.

So disc three alone makes this a worth while purchase because it is almost a DVD release in itself and overall worth the money if you are a fan. This was not thrown together for a quick cash grab. Nice work Metal Blade.

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