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Stephen Pearcy – Fueler

Label: Cleopatra Records
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Walter Fig

Well … right off the bat, don’t expect Ratt. This is a CD with a very raw, dry production and mostly fast punkish and/or industrial sounding tunes. I listened to this album several times and tried to enjoy it, but it just wasn’t happening.


Stephen Pearcy’s already mediocre vocal talents haven’t improved any and the songs are just mindless. There is no flashy guitar work or memorable riffage (maybe like two riffs that you might … MIGHT remember) and the songs seem very rushed and at times the way they end seems absolutely random and ameuterish.

‘Drive With Me’ and ‘Godsmack’ are only somewhat tolerable tracks, but honestly I still would rather listen to just about anything over them. It sounds like Pearcy hired a garage band and tried (but hopefully not too hard) to make it something. This CD is certainly something but it isn’t anything good. If you dig Pearcy, listen to Ratt and don’t taint your view of him by trying to listen to this album unless you thrive off rough, three-chord, idiot music. I can’t even begin to ponder why he would think this is a decent record to put out. Sorry to be so harsh, but there is absolutely no redeeming quality to this. The production is lame, the material is weak as hell and the musicianship is garage band at best. Don’t bother you’re probably better off listening to Stephen Pearcy "Stripped"…and that’s not saying too much.

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