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Marduk – Blood Puke Salvation

Label: Regain Records
Format: DVD(PAL format)
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Since the early 90’s Sweden’s Marduk have been blasting pure, raw, blasphemous Black Metal and are regarded as one of the major players from this genre of extreme metal. "Blood Puke Salvation" is their second DVD release and includes two discs of the following.


Disc 1 includes a full pro shot concert from Holland in 2004 with a second show from the following day in Belgium. Both shows while are pro shots with soundboard audio are not filmed in high resolution like many of today’s DVD concert shoots. The picture is clear yet not as sharp as most and lighting is not as bright, which I assume is an artistic choice by the band to create that dark evil ambiance. Production of the sound is solid and not muddy at all given this style, vocals, guitars, bass and drums are all well separated in the mix.

In between several songs edited in post production is classic black and white footage of World War II with rolling tanks and bombing airplanes to create a continual aura of fear and death during the concert performance which works very well.

Camera shots vary between the members though not edited nearly as rapidly as many concert DVD’s of today which easily could cause a seizure given the rate of speed some of them are edited in. “Blood Puke Salvation” is done well from a viewer’s perspective allowing just enough time for each member to get on camera without it going by in a blink of an eye. Songs included are ‘Burn My Coffin’, ‘Panzer Division Marduk’, ‘Bleached Bones’, ‘Throne of Rats’, ‘Perish in Flames’, with ‘World Funeral’, ‘Wolves’, ‘Warschau’, ‘Perish in Flames’, ‘Azrael’, ‘On Darkened Wings’ and ‘The Hangman of Prague’ being the only no repeats between the two shows. The Belgium show only includes seven tracks. Disc one also includes a photo gallery.

Disc two includes the promo videos for "Throne of Rats" and "Steel Inferno" off their last release "Plague Angel". "Deathmarch 2004/05" is various fan/road crew shot clips of different songs throughout the bands European tour that vary in quality.

One of the more interesting segments, and different, than the usual for a music DVD is the Behind the Scenes. It is presented almost as a low budget documentary and a direct reflection of a majority of the band’s cold dark artwork especially from "Plague Angel" and the DVD’s packaging. The video camera footage is hand held (reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project) shot in black in white of various outdoor locations in Sweden. Images of trees in the forest, dark caverns, skulls, churches and a cemetery inter cut with footage shot of the famous painting called “El triunfo de la muerte” by Brueghel, that translates to "The Triumph of Death", which features pillaging skeletons bringing death, dismemberment and pestilence leaving a sea of bodies in their wake.

The interview portion is insightful as it includes question and answer segments with both long time band member/guitarist Morgan who tells about Marduk’s and his own self preservation throughout many lineup changes, artistic direction and how that is influenced (especially on the last release "Plague Angel") by paintings, artwork, and sculpture. New vocalist Daniel "Mortuus" Rosten talks of his time in the band as well as their future and a new cd. Both by the way, especially Morgan, come off rather cold in this segment as they answer questions in a very straight forward fashion showing little to no emotion. Interesting, but then again I am not from that part of the world so it might just be something I don’t understand.

Overall recommended viewing for those who like their Sabbaths black and your crosses inverted.

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