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Communic – Waves of Visual Decay

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

If Nevermore had a baby brother it would be named “Waves of Visual Decay”. Be ready because I am going to make that comparison a few times in my review, its unavoidable. Communic’s second release will appeal to fans of Nevermore (example; ‘Frozen Asleep in the Park’) as thrash style riffs and progressive changes fill each song. The vocals are also similar to Warrel Dane from Nevermore being at times somber, psychotic and haunting.


‘Fooled by the Serpent’ and just the general flow of each track goes through various peaks and valleys like a Nevermore’s "Dreaming Neon Black" so that’s a hell of a compliment to be mentioned with such poetic company if you ask me. Overall singer/guitarist Oddleif has a consistently clean delivery while musically the landscape sees various changes within a song like an Opeth composition. Riffs are the focus with acoustic touches for the title track and adds just another dimension to Communic’s already waves of visual decay. Very cool, very well written music. I was constantly interested waiting to hear what was coming next listening to this one and I can see it in my cd player for the next few months.

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