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Metal Church – A Light in the Dark

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

"The Weight of the World" was a good record for Metal Church to return with. For that album joining original guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof was new singer Ronny Munroe who oddly enough, or ironically, has a voice that is a mix of both original Metal Church singer David Wayne and his replacement Mike Howe. "Weight" brought the Church back on the scene but didn’t have the energy or stronger song writing of "A Light in the Dark". Comfortable is a good word to use because "A Light In The Dark" opening title track with the solid drums layed down by Savatage drummer Jeff Plate shows that "Weight of the World" was all part of getting back in the saddle. Followed by ‘Beyond All Reason’ with former Malice guitarist on board, applied great twin guitar harmonies and dynamics created by clean guitars this is a much more memorable and solid release. Reminds a lot of something off "Blessing in Disguise", ‘The Believer’ is a good example of that.


There is also a rerecording of ‘Watch the Children Pray’ which is very true to the original, Ronnie hitting the high parts sounds great and a fitting way to pay tribute to the late David Wayne.

I always really liked Metal Church and thought they should have been bigger than they were. ‘Start the Fire’, ‘Ton of Bricks’, ‘Beyond the Black’, ‘Fake Healer’, ‘Human Factor’, man let me stop. So its good to hear great music still coming out under this name regardless if its all original members or not. At least you have one original member left cause I know someone’s going to say "It's not Metal Church". I’d rather have music than no music as long as its still good which is not a problem here.

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