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Beyond Fear – Beyond Fear

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Beyond Fear is the band lead by former Judas Priest, now Iced Earth vocalist Tim Owens. Regardless of his commitments to Iced Earth Tim has made it clear that this is not just a project and is a band which under this moniker he intends on making music for years to come. Since this is a band effort all the music was not written by Tim himself as he was joined by guitarist John Comprix for seven of them.


Starting off with the full throttle opener appropriately tilted ‘Scream Machine’ and its Iced Earth fueled delivery, and very Schafferish riffing, followed by the nastily delivered vocals for ‘And….You Will Die’, Beyond Fear out the door shows Tim is an individual as a writer as well as a hell of a singer. He is truly one of the strongest and purest voices the future of Heavy Metal has to offer and he retains all the qualities that makes legends before him like Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson still so respected.

There are moments throughout the songs that will remind some of Tim’s time in Judas Priest as "Jugulator" (‘Save Me’…. how’s that for screaming people?) and “Demolition” will both come to mind. The music comes across very naturally on a track like ‘The Human Race’ and ‘Words of Wisdom’, both which I highly recommend checking out, as well as the traditional arrangements and guitar sounds.

If anyone wondered if Tim Owens was just a fantastic voice and nothing other than someone else’s boy this debut will change your mind.

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