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Angel Blake – Angel Blake

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Angel Blake is the new project from former The Crown guitarist Marko Tervonen who played bass, drums and guitars on all the tracks and hired Tony Jelencovich, ex Transport League, to do the vocals. Angel Blake is not nearly as extreme or aggressive as The Crown. There are no blast beats or deathly vocals. Under this new name Marko writes music that’s much more melodic, yet still heavy in the riff department and dark in sound. This music is more influenced by bands like Paradise Lost and Sentenced.


Vocals are clean, somber at times and well as a little gritty, depending on the song. I liked what I heard from this disc with a first listen to the opening song 'The Force'. The music kind of reminds a bit of the moodiness that Alice in Chains had and some of the vocals, but not the harmonies, they evoke a similar type of somber quality which you hear on the appropriately titled 'Solitude'.

I like what’s going on here, its something a little different and is refreshing given all the more extreme sounds that are selling and populating metal.

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