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Pharaoh - The Longest Night

Label: The End Records
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba

Looking at the back of the promo cover for this album and seeing the band members sporting W.A.S.P., Slayer, Thin Lizzy, and Voivod t-shirts you know that a major can of true traditional head banging heavy metal is about to be unleashed on you. When listening to this album I imagine a huge ship out at sea sailing into the night loaded with the truest of metal fans, lots of beer, and the flag of true heavy metal blowing around proudly with the night breeze.


This is Pharaoh's second album and an amazing follow up to the debut "After the Fire". Tim Aymar of Control Denied fame is handling vocal duties and does an amazing job at it. The album kicks off with 'Sunrise' clocking in at 8 plus minutes and setting the tone for a fine platter of metal to come. Iron Maiden harmonies are evident throughout the entire disc in addition to some killer, American power metal riffs, and some sheer speed reminiscent of early Helloween. 'I Am the Hammer' has Manowar written all over it and would have made an excellent addition on "Into Glory Ride".

Let’s see these guys get out there and play some shows in the States.

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