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Judas Priest – Live Vengeance ‘82

Label: CMV
Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This show was originally released in the 1980’s on video and segments from the concert were broadcast on MTV at the time of its release. Now finally getting a proper release on DVD, also part of the Judas Priest "Metalogy" boxset, the concert was nicely remastered and cleaned up preserving this classic performance for future metalheads to enjoy and learn from. I say it was properly remastered because of the time period this show was recorded, 1982. When viewing concert footage recorded during the 80’s on video it is clearly obvious as to what decade the video came from because of the color bleeding from the stage lighting and soft picture quality. Its to be expected given video tape recordings are just not as sharp as digital.


With this version of "Live Vengeance 82", any type of color bleed has been corrected and sharpened up which is one of the major improvements made to this aging piece of film to Priest’s history. Sound is equally sharp with picture quality clear as a bell.

Aside from the performance there are not extras or bonus material just the concert but still worth it.

If this alone is not enough to add this to your collection just look at this setlist:

1. The Hellion\ Electric Eye 2. Riding On The Wind
3. Heading Out To The Highway
4. Metal Gods
5. Bloodstone
6. Breaking The Law
7. The Sinner
8. Desert Plains
9. The Ripper
10. Diamonds And Rust
11. Devil's Child
12. Screaming For Vengeance
13. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
14. Victim Of Changes
15. Living After Midnight
16. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
17. Hell Bent For Leather

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