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Megadeth – Arsenal of Megadeth

Label: Capital Records/EMI
Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This DVD is a pretty well done documentation of Megadeth’s body of work and various promotional activities. Over the course of two discs you first get almost every single promo video the band ever made from "Peace Sells" up through "Risk". But why do I not see 'Angry Again', '99 Ways to Die', 'Crush 'Em', 'Die Dead Enough'? Also included is backstage footage from the old days including classic lineup interviews when Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson were in the band for "Peace Sells But Who’s Buying", TV appearances like MTV’s Most Wanted and Headbangers Ball for "Rust In Peace", and The Drew Carrey Show.


There is also footage included from Megadeth’s previous home video releases like "Evolver" but unfortunately no clips from the concert “Rude Awakening” when Al Pitrelli and Jimmy Degrasso were in the band. Also missing is the video for 'Motopsycho' or anything recognizing the release of "The World Needs a Hero"? So I find it odd that while you get some concert footage from the current incarnation of the band with the Drover brothers on guitar and drums, "Arsenal" is not without holes elsewhere in the band’s history.

In closing, it’s a cool DVD for what is included but very incomplete if you ask me.

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